There is no better day than your wedding day.

You have set the date. You have chosen your venue. Now we get to the fun part.

Every last detail of your wedding day is going to have a significant meaning for you. Go a step further and show that dedication to detail to each and every guest and with custom and completely personalized calligraphy.

What is the process?

First, we get to know each other! I want to have a full understanding of you and your special someone and how you envision your wedding day. And in the same breathe, I want you to get to know me and know that I am truly so excited to create something special for your guests. We will talk through my different services, your ideal budget and from there I will send you a custom quote.

What are some of your services?

Invitations, Envelope Addressing, Place Cards, Escort Cards (and yes there is a difference!), Guest Lists & Table Assignments, Wax Seals. Dip-Pen Calligraphy, Handlettering and Engraving are my specialties.

Do you offer calligraphy and engraving live at weddings?

Yes! Offering a luxury service like calligraphy or engraving at your wedding is something your guests will not forget any time soon!


San Diego, California

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